Understanding the symbols used in slots can help you win more often.

What Symbols Are Used in Slots?


Whether you’re a veteran or an inexperienced slot machine player, understanding the symbols used in slots can help you win more often. These symbols are the basic building blocks of any slot game, shaping each machine’s unique appearance and gameplay. There are a variety of different types of slot symbols, from low-paying standard symbols to high-paying thematic reel symbols. Some also include bonus features, like multipliers and stacked symbols.

The first slot machines were based on poker and had 5 reels that displayed card faces. Later, manufacturers started transforming their machines into chewing gum machines and introduced fruit-themed symbols. Some of these include the classic sevens, four leaf clover and Liberty Bell symbols, as well as a variety of fruits such as Watermelons, Cherries, Oranges and Lemons. Multiplier symbols are one of the rarest bonus features and do exactly what they say on the tin, multiplying the payout amount from any winning combination by 2x, 3x or even 6x.

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